The Edmonton Ringette Club (ERC) awards up to three (3) scholarships annually to ERC players. Two (2) scholarships are designated for players currently attending an accredited post-secondary educational institute; one (1) is designated for players entering an accredited post-secondary educational institute during the next Ringette season. The ERC scholarships are valued at $1,000 each.

The ERC scholarships will be awarded to individuals who have a strong commitment to Ringette, have demonstrated an understanding of the meaning of team work, and have longevity with the Edmonton Ringette Club. Academic performance will also be part of the selection criteria.


To be eligible for the ERC scholarship, players must:

  1. Be a member in good standing of the Edmonton Ringette Club
  2. Be attending an accredited post-secondary institution taking a minimum of three courses or 10 hours of course work each week either a) currently OR b) next season
  3. Be currently playing on an ERC team
  4. Have a strong commitment to Ringette and the ERC
  5. Have a good academic record
  6. Have not been awarded the ERC Scholarship more than once


  1. Club Commitment
  2. Ringette Commitment
  3. Leadership qualities/per coach’s & teammate’s letters
  4. Team qualities/per coach’s & teammate’s letters
  5. Leadership qualities /per community volunteer activities
  6. Academic performance
  7. Receiving other scholarship monies during her post-secondary education
  8. Won this ERC Scholarship in the past
  9. General Impression

How to apply

Please fill out the Scholarship Application Form


Winners will be announced at the ERC Awards night.

Funds will be provided to winners once proof of attendance at an accredited post-secondary institution is received in late 2019.

Applications will be submitted by email to ERC Vice President:

All applications will be reviewed by an independent panel and kept confidential.